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ELR-Event Loop Recorder/Pocket ECG/ Q Patch

ELR is the complete diagnostic solution for diagnosis of arrhythmias. The PocketECG system makes more precise diagnosis possible, even in cases that may go undetected with offline monitoring methods.

Q Patch

Q Patch is extended Holter monitoring and the most advnced and innovative arrythmia monitoring technology.   USFDA approved.

ELR-Event Loop Recorder Cum Online Holter

PocketECG recognizes each heart beat morphology in real time and enables remote monitoring of thousands of patients at the same time. This technology combines the accuracy of a full Holter analysis and the interactivity of hospital telemetry.

It is the first solution in the world which provides a physician with an online view of a continuous full ECG signal record updated on the fly and accessible in a standard web browser window.